We believe that a knowledgable client will be a more satisfied client, so Pete Atkins, President of Summit Services, has authored numerous articles pertaining to landscape design and installation primarily for the San Diego climates.


Fire elements, fire pits or fireplace
Fire has a magnetic attraction for people and as gatherings continue on into the evening, you will find most of your family and guests huddled in intimate conversations near the fire.

Landscape irrigation: Drip vs spray irrigation
Your water consumption is dictated by this critical landscape choice between drip and spray irrigation. Several key factors affect your choice. Consideration to the type of plantings, terrain, sun exposure, fire exposure, wind and salt spray exposure are to name just a few. Consider the following when deciding whether to drip or spray irrigate.

Types of landscape services and a description of their specialty
There are a variety of landscaping services and qualifications. Learn what they are and who you should be hiring.

Sequence of installation and description of phases

There are specific steps involved with the design and installation of a landscaping project. Knowing how it all happens makes it more enjoyable without surprises.

Fountains, ponds and waterfalls
Add spectacular beauty and value to your landscaping project with fountaions, ponds and waterfalls. Pete provides all you need to know to make an educated decison about these watery enhancements.

Gates used in San Diego landscaping
Gates add charm and character to your project. Look for opportunities to include them in your next project.

Use outdoor rooms and kitchens to extend your home’s enjoyment
There is nothing like cooking outdoors. It is the ideal way to entertain guests and for general family fun. This article tells it all.

Succulents and cacti. Water conservative landscaping is the smart way to go
Water is expensive. Cacti and Succulents are the way to go for saving money and water. Here are some facts to consider when deciding on xeriscaping your property.

Plan and organize before your landscaping project begins

Learn how to plan for your landscaping design and installation. This helps the process go more smoothly and you will be happier with the results.

Residential Concrete Construction in San Diego
Concrete is and always has been a durable and affordable surface for residential construction of pathways, patios, driveways and as a base for masonry overlay. Discover how it might be the right choice for you.

Swimming pool design: landscaping and construction

Before you jump into your swimming pool project, read this article and contact Pete Atkins. He can help you make a splash!